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Our understanding of giving to the church – is based on a rather simple notion: all we have is a gift from God and, therefore, what we give is simply a way of giving back what we really never own. We are entrusted to manage gifts. Literally, to be stewards.

Additionally, we work toward the following principles:

  • Proportional giving by individuals or families which reflects a commitment to our shared ministry. In our giving we invite our members to join us in pledging a tithe of their income, or commit to a program of increased giving in time that leads to the tithe.
  • Delay the final formulation of the annual budget until after the fall stewardship program each year. This ensures that our stewardship reflects the congregation’s commitment to advancing the ministry of the church, and is not solely a means to fund a preconceived budget.

We count on our members to assist us in our ministry. Your time, talents, and financial contribution help fulfill St. Andrew’s vision of the ministry to which we are called.

Thank you!