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Episcopal Church and Other Links to Help you understand the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion:

Episcopal Church : The official website of the Episcopal church.

Episcopal Relief & Development

Episcopal Life Online: Episcopal online news service

National Episcopal Cursillo: Christ-centered leadership movement _____________________________________________________________________

The Anglican Communion is comprised of 39 autonomous national and regional Churches plus six Extra Provincial Churches and dioceses; all of which are in Communion - in a reciprocal relationship - with the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is the Communion's spiritual head.

Project Canterbury is a free online archive of out-of-print Anglican texts and related modern documents. It was founded in 1999 by Richard Mammana and is an all-volunteer effort; it is not affiliated officially with any church body.

As a gift to the church, Forward Movement has shared a PDF of the whole prayer book. By canon, the Book of Common Prayer (1979) is not copyrighted, and neither is their PDF. You are welcome to download, share, or post it on your church website.

The Cathedral of the Incarnation - Baltimore: The Cathedral for the Diocese of Maryland

The Episcopal Church and Visual Arts: An organization encouraging visual arts in the life of the Episcopal Church

Episcopal Cafe: A ministry of the Diocese of Washington, this is a collaborative effort of writers, editors, and artists

Anglicans Online: A weekly online magazine with news and thoughts about Anglican matters both national and international

Read the Spirit: Essay's covering the impact of religion and cross-cultural issues on our world today.