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Our Parish

As part of both The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion, we are disciples of Jesus trying to worship our Creator and to love our neighbor; rooted in the Episcopal tradition, we use a Book of Common Prayer for our services, and we consider the Eucharist (Communion, Mass, Lord’s Supper) to be the best way we offer our thanks to God and communion is offered most every time we gather.

Most parishioners live in Anne Arundel county, primarily Pasadena and Glen Burnie.  We also have folks who live a short commute away in the communities of Annapolis, Edgewater, and Columbia.

Our parishioners are energetic and are involved in a wide range of activities. Many people are drawn to our parish because of our "Family Look and Feel." Still others decide to make St. Andrew’s their church home after learning about our strong commitment to others in need through our local, regional, and global outreach efforts. Many like the overwhelming sense of fellowship – we genuinely like to be with each other!

Life in our parish is meant to enrich us and to show our care and concern for others.  We believe that building Christian community is an ongoing process, one that deepens commitment and strengthens faith. Worship is central to our existence.  We celebrate the Holy Eucharist at two services on Sunday, special services on High Holy Days or special Holidays. Our liturgy reflects the practices and theology contained in The Book of Common Prayer.

If you desire more information about our parish, please call our church office or consider attending a service and ask us questions afterwards!

For additional information about our faith and beliefs and for general information about the Episcopal Church, here are some useful links: