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St. Andrew's News: Regathering, Worship This Sunday, Sacrament of Reconciliation
February 19, 2021, 1:43 PM

Dear Brothers and Sisters of St. Andrew's,

We have been advised by Bp. Sutton that if numbers in Anne Arundel County stay down we will be permitted to regather for worship in person beginning in March.

I look forward to joining you for worship this Sunday. We live stream our Sunday service at 10:00 am via our Facebook page, our YouTube channel and our website. We continue to stream the 8:00 service via Zoom. You may use Zoom by visiting, and you may access the audio stream by telephoning 301-715-8592 and using meeting ID 8953-863-6563, password 201189.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (a.k.a. Confession) is always available to you and is especially appropriate during the penitential season of Lent. Due to COVID restrictions I am not presently permitted to hear confessions in person except in the context of last rites, but Bp. Sutton is permitting us to administer the sacrament via Zoom or over the phone. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

On the third Sunday of each month we take up a special offering to address needs in our community. Our January Healing Sunday offering collected $515 for Caring Cupboard, which provides food for needy families in our area. Our February Healing Sunday offering will be given to the Diocese's Reparations Fund; please make your check payable to Diocese of Maryland, with Reparations Fund on the memo line. You may also give electronically through Givelify; please add a note to direct your offering.

The Rector's Discretionary Fund enables me to work on the church's behalf to care for those in need in our community, and to support the needs of worthy ministries, as I am made aware of these needs. I am always glad to receive gifts to this fund (either electronically or by checks made out to St. Andrew's with Rector's Discretionary Fund on the memo line), especially at this time when need is increasing significantly. If you are facing job loss or a reduction in your family's income please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally.

--Fr. Jason


"If something particular weighs upon us or troubles us, something with which we keep torturing ourselves and can find no rest, and we do not find our faith to be strong enough to cope with it, then this private form of confession gives us the opportunity of laying the matter before some brother. We may receive counsel, comfort, and strength when and however often we wish. That we should do this is not included in any divine command.... Rather, it is offered to everyone who may need it, as an opportunity to be used by him as his need requires. The origin and establishment of private Confession lies in the fact that Christ Himself placed His Absolution into the hands of His Christian people with the command that they should absolve one another of their sins. So any heart that feels its sinfulness and desires consolation has here a sure refuge when he hears God’s Word and makes the discovery that God through a human being looses and absolves him from his sins." --Martin Luther (feast day: February 18), 1529



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