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St. Andrew's News: Regathering on Sunday!
March 4, 2021, 9:30 AM

Dear Brothers and Sisters of St. Andrew's,

We return to worshiping together in person this Sunday, March 7th, with Fr. Ron preaching and presiding.  As was the case when we were able to meet in the summer and fall, we need to observe several practices to keep everybody safe:

  • Please remain at least 6 feet away from anyone you don't live with.  We will not exchange handshakes or embraces at the Peace.
  • Everyone must wear a close-fitting mask.  If you don't have one help yourself to a disposable mask from the basket by the front door.
  • Only the Cantor will sing; you may hum behind your mask, but please do not sing.
  • Only the bread will be distributed at Communion.  Please come forward, masked, and receive the bread with your hands outstretched; then, you may consume it when you return to your seat.
  • Windows will be opened for the duration of the service, so you may want to dress accordingly.
  • Restroom doors will stay propped open, and restrooms should only be used by one person at a time.
  • Ushers will be taking attendance for contact tracing purposes.  These attendance sheets are destroyed after 2 weeks.
  • At the conclusion of the service please exit the building immediately.

Naturally we will continue to stream services.  We live stream our Sunday service at 10:00 am via our Facebook page, our YouTube channel and our website.  We continue to stream the 8:00 service via Zoom. You may use Zoom by visiting, and you may access the audio stream by telephoning 301-715-8592 and using meeting ID 8953-863-6563, password 201189. A copy of the Bulletin is attached.


As has been our custom we will be doing Stations of the Cross on Fridays in Lent.  Rich Crothers will lead the service starting this Friday, March 5th @ 7PM.


The Sacrament of Reconciliation (a.k.a. Confession) is always available to you, and is especially

appropriate during the penitential season of Lent.  Due to COVID restrictions I am not presently permitted to hear confessions in person except in the context of last rites, but Bp. Sutton is permitting us to administer the sacrament via Zoom or over the phone.  Please contact me to schedule an appointment.


On the third Sunday of each month we take up a special offering to address needs in our community.  Our January Healing Sunday offering collected $515 for Caring Cupboard, which provides food for needy families in our area.  Our February Healing Sunday offering will be given to the Diocese's Reparations Fund; please make your check payable to Diocese of Maryland, with Reparations Fund on the memo line.  You may also give electronically through Givelify; please add a note to direct your offering.  Our March Healing Sunday offering will be given to Arundel House of Hope.


The Rector's Discretionary Fund enables me to work on the church's behalf to care for those in need in our community, and to support the needs of worthy ministries, as I am made aware of these needs.  I am always glad to receive gifts to this fund (either electronically or by checks made out to St. Andrew's with Rector's Discretionary Fund on the memo line), especially at this time when need is increasing significantly. If you are facing job loss or a reduction in your family's income please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally.


--Fr. Jason


"If, then, we take this word in the strictest sense, a man of a catholic spirit is one who, in the manner above-mentioned, gives his hand to all whose hearts are right with his heart: one who knows how to value, and praise God for, all the advantages he enjoys, with regard to the knowledge of the things of God, the true scriptural manner of worshipping him, and, above all, his union with a congregation fearing God and working righteousness: one who, retaining these blessings with the strictest care, keeping them as the apple of his eye, at the same time loves--as friends, as brethren in the Lord, as members of Christ and children of God, as joint partakers now of the present kingdom of God, and fellow heirs of his eternal kingdom--all, of whatever opinion or worship, or congregation, who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; who love God and man; who, rejoicing to please, and fearing to offend God, are careful to abstain from evil, and zealous of good works. He is the man of a truly catholic spirit, who bears all these continually upon his heart; who having an unspeakable tenderness for their persons, and longing for their welfare, does not cease to commend them to God in prayer, as well as to plead their cause before men; who speaks comfortably to them, and labours, by all his words, to strengthen their hands in God. He assists them to the uttermost of his power in all things, spiritual and temporal. He is ready "to spend and be spent for them;" yea, to lay down his life for their sake."

--John Wesley, 1750 (today is the Feast of John and Charles Wesley)




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