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St. Andrew's News: 22 November 2020
November 20, 2020, 1:43 PM

Dear Brothers and Sisters of St. Andrew's,

As I announced on Sunday, due to the alarming rise of COVID cases in our state, the Diocese has informed us that we must suspend our in-person worship gatherings through the end of the month.

It is possible that this suspension will continue past that date; that decision will be made based on public health data. The case rate has more than tripled in Anne Arundel County in the last month, from 10 per 100,000 to over 30, and it is hoped that by preventing opportunities for the virus to spread we can help keep transmission down.

We live stream our Sunday service at 10:00 am via our Facebook page, our YouTube channel and our website. We continue to stream the 8:00 service via Zoom. You may use Zoom by visiting, and you may access the audio stream by telephoning 301-715-8592 and using meeting ID 8953-863-6563, password 201189.

On the third Sunday of each month we take up a special offering to address the needs of hungry people in our community. We collected $158 for our October Healing Sunday offering, which was given to the Centro de Ayuda, which serves the material needs of immigrants in Anne Arundel County. Our November Healing Sunday offering will be given to the new food pantry that our Seventh Day Adventist friends established in Pasadena this year. You may make a special gift to the Healing Sunday offering by making a note on the memo line of your check or your electronic gift.

The Rector's Discretionary Fund enables me to work on the church's behalf to care for those in need in our community, and to support the needs of worthy ministries, as I am made aware of these needs. I am always glad to receive gifts to this fund (either electronically or by checks made out to St. Andrew's with Rector's Discretionary Fund on the memo line), especially at this time when need is increasing significantly. If you are facing job loss or a reduction in your family's income please don't hesitate to reach out to me personally.


--Fr. Jason



Then suddenly on Mount Sion

The radiance of the sun will come from the southeast,

From the creator, shining more brightly

Than people can imagine in their minds,

Gloriously radiating light, when the Son of God

Will appear here through the vault of the heavens.

The wonderful sight of Christ,

The beautiful form of the glorious King,

Will come from the east out of the heavens,

Dear to the hearts of his own people,

Bitter to those full of evil, wondrously varied,

Different for the blessed and the wretched.


He will be pleasant in appearance to the good,

Beautiful and delightful to the holy host,

Lovely in his joy, friendly and kind,

Will be loving and gracious for his beloved people,

Those who had previously pleased him well

In his heart with their word and deeds,

To behold with pleasure his shining beauty,

The gentle coming of the ruler, of the mighty King.


--"Christ in Judgment," Old English, late 10th c.



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