Teacher: Pat H.

Are You Being Called to Serve? 

Are you willing to share your gifts and talents with our young people?

Have you been wondering where God is calling YOU to serve?

We are asking our parishioners to spend some time in prayer to discern if God is indeed calling you to work with our young people! We are looking for teachers to “team teach” (two teachers in the class each Sunday).  This means that for each quarter (September to Advent is our first quarter) we need additional teachers for our Sunday School class that meets during our 10:00 a.m. service.

We understand that you have questions, like…

  • How can I share my faith with kids when I still have questions?   Jesus sent out the disciples, two by two, to share the Gospel message with the world. We’re pretty certain that their faith was still a bit shaky at times. We know that some of them even doubted! It’s okay if you still have questions. See the next bullet point...
  • What if they ask me a question that I don’t know the answer to?  We do not expect that you have all the answers to the questions that might be asked by the youth. And that’s okay. We encourage our teachers and youth to find out the answers together. You can go to the priest or Deacon Corby and ask. They might even have to look it up. Really, it’s okay not to have all the answers.

And you probably have some concerns, such as…

  • I love Fr. Jason and Fr. Ron’s sermons, if I teach I’ll miss them. We understand your concerns, really!   Since we are looking for teams of teachers you wouldn’t have to miss the sermons every week. The team sets the schedule. You could also set your Sunday alarm a bit earlier and come to the 8:00 a.m. service. There’s coffee at church if you need it.
  • I’m an accountant (or fill in your profession), I wouldn’t know how to teach. We admit that it might be a bit intimidating to teach, but our curriculum is really easy to use and we offer training and suggestions to help you. It’s not rocket science.
  • I don’t have kids, I wouldn’t know how to interact with them. No kids? No problem! The young people don’t care if you don’t have kids. They want someone who will listen to them. Someone who is interested in them. Each of us was their age at some point. It’ll come back to you. We promise. Just be yourself!
  • I’m too old. I’ve done my time with the youth. Let the parents do it. Some Church School teachers are the parents of the youth in the classes, and they are welcome, but we still need more. If you’ve taught before you know how rewarding it can be.

Are YOU being called to serve? Are you still unsure? Contact Pat H. before or after service. Ask yourself if God is calling YOU to work with our young people! 

  August 2021  
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