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We can support mission and ministry of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in many ways:


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Giving is a great gift that we give not only to God but to ourselves for the sake of promoting the gospel at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church. Each of us is asked to make an annual pledge to the general operational budget of the church. This budget takes care of salaries, our basic bills (like phone, gas, lights), the things we need to operate the church (tech devices, toilet paper, keys, light bulbs…the list is endless), the various ministries, our marketing, the events we offer, music and instrument tuning…. It is important that the vestry know how to count not only the cost of our ministry but be aware of what money is available to pay for these line items. Your pledge helps us count the cost and budget accordingly. Your pledge also says something important about you and your relationship to both God and ministry in this place. The biblical tithe is always recommended. Some give more and some give less. All should strive to make our pledges our first fruits for God and not the leftovers. Please take time to look at your personal budget, consider what you would like to pledge to God through the mission of St. Andrew's Episcopal, and click on the button below to make your pledge of thanksgiving and hope.
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The Rector’s Discretionary Fund

Contribute financially to the mission and ministry of the church by allowing the rector to have funds necessary to take care of those folks who appear at our doorstep in crisis or with a special need. Often the rector is called upon to give money for food, gas, a light bill or to help with a special ministry or mission project. Please consider a gift to this fund.
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Visually, we love seeing nature blossoming forth on our altar; aurally, we love hearing the instruments and voices that raise us up to the highest mountain of devotion. Nearly every week someone gives to place the altar flowers in honor or remembrance of someone else. That is a true blessing. Moreover, we have additional flowers on special holidays like Christmas and Easter and Pentecost (or when the bishop comes). Take a look at the Flower Sign-up board in the Narthax to see if there is a special date you would like to participate! Recommended donation for flowers is $50.
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Planned Giving

Sometimes we can help our churches by one time gifts, life-income gifts such as charitable gift annuities, and inclusion in our wills. If you would like someone to talk with you about such a gift, please give the rector a call and he will get you the information you need.

St. Andrew's now has a legacy society for those who have made provision for the church in their estate plans:

The Bishop Wright Society.

The Rt. Rev. Carl Wright, Bishop Suffragan for Armed Forces and Federal Ministries of The Episcopal Church, served as the sixth Rector of St. Andrew's before he was called to his current role. In addition to permitting us to name it after him, Bp. Carl has enrolled as a Charter Member of the Bishop Wright Society. To join the Bishop Wright Society, simply tell the Priest or the Treasurer that you have made provision for the church in your estate plans. No documentation or detailed information is required. All who join by Pentecost 2021 (May 23rd) will be listed as Charter Members on the plaque that will be hung in the Narthex. Planned giving is not just for wealthy people; it's for anyone who wants to help support the long-term ministry that God has called us to here in Pasadena. You can direct gifts of money, securities, or other property to the church in your will, and/or designate the church as the beneficiary of an annuity or insurance policy. Be sure to work with a qualified financial professional or attorney to ensure that your wishes are properly memorialized.

Contact: Fr. Jason Poling

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