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St. Andrew’s continues to host Red Cross blood drives in our great hall. The whole blood that was collected will help save the lives of numerous people. The Red Cross will return to the Great Hall several times during the coming year to collect blood. They have scheduled March 5th as the next day they will be at St. Andrew’s. The link to make an appointment to donate is: Please contact Charlie Day at chezday81ATgmailDOTcom or 410-428-7309 if you would like to help to staff the hall, check temperatures, register donors, and manage snacks on any of those days. We have two shifts mornings from 9:30 to 1:15 and afternoons from 1:00 to 4:45.St. Andrew’s has hosted 8 drives since June 2020 and collected 191 units for an average 24 units per drive. On our most recent drive on January 8th the Red Cross collected 31 units of blood from 40 donors. The Red Cross is very appreciative of our willingness to support them through these challenging times. We received a certificate of appreciation from the Red Cross for our participation during difficult times.

Red Cross Certificate

Red Cross Blood Drive